Colours are still on the agenda : colour follows colour, juxtaposed shades of colour, the initial colour, the colour after the event.

The paint is already there in the pots : colour without shade, raw, then on the brush. Brush stroke after brush stroke : strip upon stripe. Blended, it takes form.
Beyond the realm of time.

The colour appears, settles down, sometimes evanesces. Its shadow lingers, however not alone.

Watery, the paint spreads out, either quick or restrained. Liquid escapades, breakaways : space is sullied - history is to be found around form. Slovenly or neat, its trace remains.
Time gone by.

Colour cannot exist alone. Charged with light and time : blue is the twilight hour, red fury, life rosy and rain is crimson : Purple rain.
Ephemeral perception.

Emotion materializes : layer upon layer, from painting to painting, through time. An ongoing undertaking - like my sketchbooks;

Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke, Copenhagen, April 2000



Regency House
15 Marina
St Leonards-On-Sea
TN38 0DP East Sussex
United Kingdom


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